Why I am Running

Oklahoma is in a deep hole of debt due to the poor leadership and inaction of dishonorable legislators at the Capitol. They have failed to uphold our Oklahoma standard. House District 35 and its citizens deserve a bold advocate that they can trust will take action at the Capitol. The working families and their neighbors deserve to be fought for. To get this, I’m asking for your vote to be your voice in Oklahoma City for HD35.

Like many of you, I’m also a full time working parent and active in my community whether it’s coaching softball or organizing for a cause. I know firsthand that community is everything.

Our rural district needs the same access to quality healthcare and the same academic opportunities as those of the more populated districts. Now is the time to elect a voice that knows the struggles and the hopes of the families here in District 35.

I’m a mother. I’m Indigenous. I love my community. But more importantly, I am an advocate and I’m ready to fight for all Oklahomans at the State Capitol. My name is Jasha Lyons Echo-Hawk and I’m running for House District 35. I need your vote on November 6.

Find out where I stand on the issues that Oklahomans are most concerned about.

If you are ready for an advocate who will stand for you and every person in District 35, you can join our team make a donation online.