Quality care should be a few minutes away, not hours. Our hospitals, clinics, and other health facilities are closing due to the failings of current leadership to prioritize Oklahomans’ lives. Jasha already participates in taking care of families, elders, and veterans. Being elected Representative of HD35 will give her the opportunity to work for the care of every Oklahoman.

Jasha not only stands with teachers, she marched with them at the Capitol when the current leadership refused to put our children before outside interests. Classroom funding, testing, and teacher support must be at the forefront when making decisions. It is not enough to merely focus on education, but support must be made in a sustainable, secure way.

Criminal justice reform is the only way forward for Oklahoma, especially as we are number one in the world for incarceration. Reform will save taxpayers’ money and strengthen our communities. The legislature not only has a fiscal responsibility, but also a social responsibility as the impacts to our broken families has been everlasting. Jasha stands for policies that prioritize fairness and justice for every person.

We need to diversify our economy responsibly and fairly, and to the benefit of working families and all Oklahomans. Budgeting solutions must have all voices at the table, but the loudest needs to be yours, the voters. Citizens from every walk of life should contribute to the conversation, including farmers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and stay-at-home parents.  Jasha will truly listen and be bold when hard decisions need to be made.

Transparency in policy and lawmaking is a core value for Jasha. Oklahoma did not get to its current state of secret deals and hidden agendas overnight, but citizens were actively kept in the dark. When elected, Jasha will encourage all viewpoints and concerns to be discussed; moreover, she will ensure everyone can join in and hear these discussions. Jasha will be a true voice for her district, not simply a mouthpiece for political gain.

Jasha knows that Oklahoma can only be at its best when every person is encouraged and able to give their input. She knows that every voice matters and values the input that she receives. When elected, Jasha will bring an era of communication and access so each person remembers their significance to the political process. She will collaborate with her constituents as well as her colleagues in the legislature.